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osprey 2Why “ScreechDaddy”?

The Screech is the unofficial cheer of hardcore fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

To execute a proper Screech, tuck the pinkies of both hands and use the other fingers to make a hawk’s ‘talons.’ Hold both hands above the shoulders with elbows bent and ‘talons’ bared, then make a loud, Hawk-like SCREECH! from the back of your throat.

A fun variation on the Screech is the “Screech-bump.”  Basically, it’s an ‘exploding’ fist-bump you do with your fellow 12th Man as an alternative to the standard ‘high five’ celebration.  The difference is that instead of ‘exploding’ your first into an open hand, you explode it into a menacing Hawks’ talon, and, of course, accompany that with a mighty SCREECH!  Try it.  It’s fun!  Kids seem to really like the Screech-bump!

Best times to screech:

At the stadium, after every Hawks first down, the P.A. announcer always credits the play, ending with “…and that’s enough for another Seahawks…” and then the crowd answers en masse: “FIRST DOWN!” Enthusiastic screeching immediately following that is fun for the fans, and intimidates the crap out of visiting teams.

After every big play, touchdown, field goal, turnover won by the Hawks, safety, extra points, or coach’s challenges won are ideal times for screeching it up!

THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME TO SCREECH is when our defense is on the field.  Begin SCREECHING as soon as the visiting team begins to huddle, and do not stop until the ball is snapped.  This is YOUR JOB as a loyal member of the 12th Man.  We want to make it as loud as possible in order to not only rattle the players on the opposing team, but more importantly, to make it as difficult as can be for them to hear the QB in the huddle, as well as when he calls his signals and audibles.  It’s not just about causing false starts.  It’s about trying to get one or more of the opposing offense to make a mistake because they misheard  the play call, or got the snap count wrong.

The Screech is BETTER than just yelling our heads off because many players practice with piped-in crowd noise so they get used to it.  The Screech makes a much more high-pitched and discomforting sound that rattles players to their core!

And why ScreechDADDY?  Because I invented it, that’s why!

So now that you know about The Screech, your job as a hardcore 12th Man member is to PREACH THE SCREECH to every 12th Man you meet!  The goal is to someday soon have the entire stadium — that’s 67,000 fans! — screeching their butts off, striking massive terror in the hearts of all who would come into OUR HOUSE and think they can defeat our awesome Seattle SEA!!! HAAAAAWKS!!!

Preach The Screech, 12th Man!

ScreechDaddy out.

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